Abram Games: Life and Work

Today Abram Games' youngest daughter Naomi Games came to our uni to talk about his father's work. Abram Games is the UK’s most accomplished graphic designer of the 20th century. He mainly worked as a poster designer which was highly demanded in the 20th century as there's no television at that time. He was master in using air brushes for colouring his work, but he changed his style into solid paint after colour photography appeared.

Games' poster designs are simple but carrying massive messages. I personally like the 'newspaper man' for the The Financial Times advertisement and the anti-smoke poster design which cleverly carrying the message with no text.

Games' work was really impressive, and everyone can feel his passion on design in his whole life. Games told his daughter to remember 3Cs when doing design, which are couragecurious andconcentrate.

I enjoy today's talk very much and I love the stories of Games' family. 

See Abram Games' offical website here: