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Brand New Illustration Series - BO & GG

BO & GG - MEAL TIME - banner.jpg

BO is a mean cat and GG is an innocent seal. Their opposite personalities create a cute contrast. They are good buddies and they love spending time together. 

BO is inspired by a cat called Bone bone from Thailand. I love his big round eyes and cute non-smiled face. That reminds me those cats who don't want people to touch them, be mean and walk away. This is how BO was born.

GG is inspired by a seal soft toy called him Gary. Gary is small and has big round innocent eyes. I always think he is my good buddy, so I created GG to be BO's best friend.

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I hope you love them!


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Ednaillustration at exhibition! @JCCAC

In 17-21 March 2017, my secondary school was holding an art exhibition at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) in Hong Kong, as a part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. I was invited by my art teacher to exhibit my work there in the alumni exhibition area. It was my great pressure!

I went back to Hong Kong from the UK for this event. My family and friends were so excited because we haven't seen each other for more than a year! 

In the open ceremony, I met lots of familiar faces. It was impressive that my secondary school teachers still remember me and my name! Knowing that visual arts was my favourite subject at that time, they were all so pleased that I'm now work as a graphic designer and illustrator. 

I can see the great effort from the current students and teachers, organising a big event from event planning to reception, is not an easy job. Well done to all the helpers and organisers! 

I had a really enjoyable time there!

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Selling cards is always the thing I want to do because I love writing to people much more than just texting them. I keep sending cards to my friends oversea. Start to write something to the people you care for, and you will find this make a special connection between you and them.

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Abram Games: Life and Work

Today Abram Games' youngest daughter Naomi Games came to our uni to talk about his father's work. Abram Games is the UK’s most accomplished graphic designer of the 20th century. He mainly worked as a poster designer which was highly demanded in the 20th century as there's no television at that time. He was master in using air brushes for colouring his work, but he changed his style into solid paint after colour photography appeared.

Games' poster designs are simple but carrying massive messages. I personally like the 'newspaper man' for the The Financial Times advertisement and the anti-smoke poster design which cleverly carrying the message with no text.

Games' work was really impressive, and everyone can feel his passion on design in his whole life. Games told his daughter to remember 3Cs when doing design, which are couragecurious andconcentrate.

I enjoy today's talk very much and I love the stories of Games' family. 

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