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Ednaillustration first appeared in HK @Thenthusiasts


Last Sunday, Thenthusiasts - a Hong Kong store for carefully selected designer products, was holding a Decoupage Market and Workshop at Stanley Plaza. I was cooperating with them as one of their designers to sell some cards there.

Their Decoupage Workshop was fun, people really enjoy the making process of their DIY pouches. I wish I were there too.

At my little corner, there was a pop up display board and a video showing my drawing process. It helps to drive people in and let visitors to know more about my illustration brand.

At the end of the day, only a few cards were left. I am so satisfied with the result :)


Can't imagine I can sell my cards 6K miles away when I am in the UK. It is a good start of my illustration career. Thanks a lot to Thenthusiasts and all my friends who came in!

Art Market

Christmas Art Market @Festiv_alt

I was selling my own prints on a Christmas Market called Festiv_alt. It was a really good experience to talk to people about my illustration face to face. I also offered personalise calligraphy service.

It was a windy and freezing Saturday, but the passion of the dancers, musicians and other creative artists made a really warm atmosphere :)