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Ednaillustration at exhibition! @JCCAC

In 17-21 March 2017, my secondary school was holding an art exhibition at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) in Hong Kong, as a part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. I was invited by my art teacher to exhibit my work there in the alumni exhibition area. It was my great pressure!

I went back to Hong Kong from the UK for this event. My family and friends were so excited because we haven't seen each other for more than a year! 

In the open ceremony, I met lots of familiar faces. It was impressive that my secondary school teachers still remember me and my name! Knowing that visual arts was my favourite subject at that time, they were all so pleased that I'm now work as a graphic designer and illustrator. 

I can see the great effort from the current students and teachers, organising a big event from event planning to reception, is not an easy job. Well done to all the helpers and organisers! 

I had a really enjoyable time there!

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As a full time graphic designer in B'ham

I have been working at Eastside Co for four months, I really enjoy my job here because there's always opportunity to apply my skills outside graphic design, like drawing illustration (e.g. web and app icons) and taking photos (for company's instagram posts!)

Last month, I won my very first internal award, we call it 'trooper award'. We dominate one to two colleagues for their hard work every week. The 'trooper' came to me because of my design for the shopify meet up event. The 'trooper' reflects company's encouragement to people's contribution, which I hope every company should have this positive culture.

Beside work, we have a good work-life balance that we play foosball during lunch hour and break time. And every time when we have new members join in, we will have a pizza day! I remember my first day was a Pizza Friday and we had social after work, which was a very warm welcome :)

I'm going to pause my share here, wishing to have more and more good experience to share in a later date!

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Ednaillustration first appeared in HK @Thenthusiasts


Last Sunday, Thenthusiasts - a Hong Kong store for carefully selected designer products, was holding a Decoupage Market and Workshop at Stanley Plaza. I was cooperating with them as one of their designers to sell some cards there.

Their Decoupage Workshop was fun, people really enjoy the making process of their DIY pouches. I wish I were there too.

At my little corner, there was a pop up display board and a video showing my drawing process. It helps to drive people in and let visitors to know more about my illustration brand.

At the end of the day, only a few cards were left. I am so satisfied with the result :)


Can't imagine I can sell my cards 6K miles away when I am in the UK. It is a good start of my illustration career. Thanks a lot to Thenthusiasts and all my friends who came in!