Work experience

Work experience @Top Banana

Thanks to New Designers, I met Dave, the art director of Top-b, and was given a two week placement at this well-known global event management company.

On my first day, a big sheet of paper was already sticked on the wall, I had my own working space, called Edna's space/ Edna's corner. What a warm and surprise welcome! :D

So, here is a break down of what I have done and learnt throughout the days.

Day 1 (25 Aug 2015):

  • Three previous live briefs was given to me, and see what ideas I can come up with.
  • Briefing started sharply at 9, everyone needs to tell what they are going to work on.
  • Drawing storyboard was a challenging task to me, but the brainstorming session was fun.
  • Event/ conference identity is different from the commercial logos I used to create.

Day2 (26 Aug 2015):

  • My expected train was cancelled, letting Dave to wait for me at the station :(
  • Event logo design, idea sharing and brainstorming.
  • Preparing presentation slides and mock ups for CDF event.
  • Went for a walk at lunchtime, the weather was so nice :)

Day3 (27 Aug 2015):

  • Involving into a live brief, idea sharing and brainstorming.
  • Drawing a draft storyboard with a growing plant idea, was modified by Dave.
  • Having a tasty cupcake and refreshment at tea hour, so lucky :)
  • Keep doing 'Reaching for the sun' logo.

Day4 (28 Aug 2015):

  • Designing a invitation card and recreating a map for a event of Wolseley.
  • A lovely baby visited us, everyone was refreshed x
  • Creating invitation cards and designing presentation slides for CDF event.
  • My work always needed to be refined by Dave, haha learnt a lot from him!

Day5 (1 Sept 2015)

  • Making Top-b's case studies sheets, which they call it Memory box.
  • Converting presentation slides from indesign to powerpoint.
  • A very productive day!

Day6 (3 Sept 2015)

  • Continue making Top-b's Memory box.
  • Designing Aggregate Industry Posters.
  • Learning and trying to colour sketches by markers.

Colleagues at Top-b were so friendly and cheerful, and they made a good cup of tea! I have great time in this harmony working environment, wish I can spend more days there.