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Ednaillustration at exhibition! @JCCAC

In 17-21 March 2017, my secondary school was holding an art exhibition at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) in Hong Kong, as a part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. I was invited by my art teacher to exhibit my work there in the alumni exhibition area. It was my great pressure!

I went back to Hong Kong from the UK for this event. My family and friends were so excited because we haven't seen each other for more than a year! 

In the open ceremony, I met lots of familiar faces. It was impressive that my secondary school teachers still remember me and my name! Knowing that visual arts was my favourite subject at that time, they were all so pleased that I'm now work as a graphic designer and illustrator. 

I can see the great effort from the current students and teachers, organising a big event from event planning to reception, is not an easy job. Well done to all the helpers and organisers! 

I had a really enjoyable time there!


New Designers

It was the hottest week in the UK throughout the year, but it was one of the most unforgettable week in my life.

New Designers is an event showing off UK's fresh-graduated designers' work. I'm pleased to be one of the exhibitors in New Designers 2015, which celebrated 30 years at the Business Design Centre, London.

We travelled from Birmingham to London, built up our booth, exhibited our work for four days and broke down the booth...Took part in the build up process is the most important stage because it is our responsibility to handle and present our work nicely. 

Birmingham City University booth, illustration on the left and graphics on the right.

It was a great opportunity for me to meet new people from the industry and gain some job experience. It was fun to catch the right person for the right chance throughout the days. I also had the chance to know more about my BCU fellows, which sometimes, I need to introduce their work if the they were away. 

Apart from the exhibition, New Designers also provide some interesting events for exhibitors and visitors, such as Talks, Design competitions and Portfolio reviews.

New designers brought me to a new stage, let me knew that I'm not a student anymore. I'm a well-trained designer who is ready for the industry. 

It's a great end of my education, and a wonderful start of my career.

Thank you New Designers, my tutor and those visitors who listened to my presentation and took my business card :)

Date: July 01-04 2015 @ London


BCU Visual Communication Graduation Show 2015

So, finally it's time for our grad show! We are given a week to plan and build up a plywood display board for the show. I put up my best project of the year: M+ museum identity on the top of the board. The poster is bold and works really well to catch attention. The M+ museum project is part of my negotiated study, which is supporting my dissertation - Creating Trusted Brands in the Arts and Culture sector

A reflective visual journal, brand style guideline, dissertation and M+ 3D model are placed on the shelf or front table. Visitors can have a deeper understanding of my work through my research, sketches, development and final outcomes.

To look at other projects, you can check out the portfolio book. You can also visit my site by scanning the QR code next to it. Don't forget to take a business card before you go! You would love to contact me afterwards!

Our grad show is open to public from today (15/6) to Saturday (20/6).

Dates and time
15-16/6 - 10:00-18:00
17/6 - 10:00-17:00
18-19/6 - 10:00-18:00
20/6 (open day) - 09:00-16:00
Birmingham City University Parkside Building, Cardigan Street, West Midlands, B4 7BD

Only few days left! Come to visit us and get inspired by our creative minds!!
Hope to see you there! Cheers x

More: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/inspired/calendar/visual-communication-grad-show