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Selling cards is always the thing I want to do because I love writing to people much more than just texting them. I keep sending cards to my friends oversea. Start to write something to the people you care for, and you will find this make a special connection between you and them.

Buy your cards at my Etsy shop.

Art Market

Christmas Art Market @Festiv_alt

I was selling my own prints on a Christmas Market called Festiv_alt. It was a really good experience to talk to people about my illustration face to face. I also offered personalise calligraphy service.

It was a windy and freezing Saturday, but the passion of the dancers, musicians and other creative artists made a really warm atmosphere :)

Online shop

Selling Illustration Online Now!

I have been thinking and researching the best way to deal with my drawings for a long time, rather print them on postcards or doing some screen printings on clothes. I now found the most efficient way is to publish it!

They do the production and shipping, and I do my art and design. It save my time and money, and I would like to share the joy with all of my friends around the world. 

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Work experience

Work experience @Top Banana

Thanks to New Designers, I met Dave, the art director of Top-b, and was given a two week placement at this well-known global event management company.

On my first day, a big sheet of paper was already sticked on the wall, I had my own working space, called Edna's space/ Edna's corner. What a warm and surprise welcome! :D

So, here is a break down of what I have done and learnt throughout the days.

Day 1 (25 Aug 2015):

  • Three previous live briefs was given to me, and see what ideas I can come up with.
  • Briefing started sharply at 9, everyone needs to tell what they are going to work on.
  • Drawing storyboard was a challenging task to me, but the brainstorming session was fun.
  • Event/ conference identity is different from the commercial logos I used to create.

Day2 (26 Aug 2015):

  • My expected train was cancelled, letting Dave to wait for me at the station :(
  • Event logo design, idea sharing and brainstorming.
  • Preparing presentation slides and mock ups for CDF event.
  • Went for a walk at lunchtime, the weather was so nice :)

Day3 (27 Aug 2015):

  • Involving into a live brief, idea sharing and brainstorming.
  • Drawing a draft storyboard with a growing plant idea, was modified by Dave.
  • Having a tasty cupcake and refreshment at tea hour, so lucky :)
  • Keep doing 'Reaching for the sun' logo.

Day4 (28 Aug 2015):

  • Designing a invitation card and recreating a map for a event of Wolseley.
  • A lovely baby visited us, everyone was refreshed x
  • Creating invitation cards and designing presentation slides for CDF event.
  • My work always needed to be refined by Dave, haha learnt a lot from him!

Day5 (1 Sept 2015)

  • Making Top-b's case studies sheets, which they call it Memory box.
  • Converting presentation slides from indesign to powerpoint.
  • A very productive day!

Day6 (3 Sept 2015)

  • Continue making Top-b's Memory box.
  • Designing Aggregate Industry Posters.
  • Learning and trying to colour sketches by markers.

Colleagues at Top-b were so friendly and cheerful, and they made a good cup of tea! I have great time in this harmony working environment, wish I can spend more days there.

Work experience, Design Journey

Work experience @IE Design Consultancy

I was doing a one-week placement strictly after New Designer. It was my first work placement in my design journey. IE Design Consultancy is a design agency who mainly work for charity, education and health organisation who based in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. I was curious about how creativity can work for these non-commercial sectors. 

On the first day, I was a bit disappointed to know that an interesting brief is going to present in the next day and I did not have a chance to get involve in it because of the time limit. However, I was given a new brief to redesign the identity of IE office, which I could walk around the office and read over their case studies to know more about their business. I really enjoy reading their case studies to gain knowledge on a live design project scope, schedule and budget.

On the second day, I was happy to hear that the presentation of that interesting brief was postponed. I was asked to design a recipe book for a local Michelin Star restaurant. Pascaline, the designer I was working with, gave me some suggestion on the design and kindly sent off her research to me. A bold, modern but elegant recipe book was finally done, I was happy with the result.

On the other day, I saw Pascaline was still working on the restaurant brief, she picked an ink jar and some brushes upstair. I was curious about how she got on the brief so I followed her and asked what she was doing. She kindly explained her ideas for the branding, shared her work with me and asked for my opinion. After some conversation, I tried to redesign the wine menu for the restaurant.

Throughout the week, I kept working on the identity brief for IE office. To keep things within budget, I designed some posters to tell visitors about IE's work, which is for hanging in the office entrance. I also thought of some decorating ideas to make the office 'green'.

A week after my placement, I received Pascaline's email. She said the client for the restaurant brief was really impressed with their approach and is going to launch the design. She thanked for my help throughout the week, and mentioned I really helped her to complete the project. I was so impressed with the feedback, and I could see how valuable my contribution was.

I'm satisfied with this work experience, thanks my tutor Jane for giving me a chance.

It is worth to ask if people need any helps during your work placement!


New Designers

It was the hottest week in the UK throughout the year, but it was one of the most unforgettable week in my life.

New Designers is an event showing off UK's fresh-graduated designers' work. I'm pleased to be one of the exhibitors in New Designers 2015, which celebrated 30 years at the Business Design Centre, London.

We travelled from Birmingham to London, built up our booth, exhibited our work for four days and broke down the booth...Took part in the build up process is the most important stage because it is our responsibility to handle and present our work nicely. 

Birmingham City University booth, illustration on the left and graphics on the right.

It was a great opportunity for me to meet new people from the industry and gain some job experience. It was fun to catch the right person for the right chance throughout the days. I also had the chance to know more about my BCU fellows, which sometimes, I need to introduce their work if the they were away. 

Apart from the exhibition, New Designers also provide some interesting events for exhibitors and visitors, such as Talks, Design competitions and Portfolio reviews.

New designers brought me to a new stage, let me knew that I'm not a student anymore. I'm a well-trained designer who is ready for the industry. 

It's a great end of my education, and a wonderful start of my career.

Thank you New Designers, my tutor and those visitors who listened to my presentation and took my business card :)

Date: July 01-04 2015 @ London


BCU Visual Communication Graduation Show 2015

So, finally it's time for our grad show! We are given a week to plan and build up a plywood display board for the show. I put up my best project of the year: M+ museum identity on the top of the board. The poster is bold and works really well to catch attention. The M+ museum project is part of my negotiated study, which is supporting my dissertation - Creating Trusted Brands in the Arts and Culture sector

A reflective visual journal, brand style guideline, dissertation and M+ 3D model are placed on the shelf or front table. Visitors can have a deeper understanding of my work through my research, sketches, development and final outcomes.

To look at other projects, you can check out the portfolio book. You can also visit my site by scanning the QR code next to it. Don't forget to take a business card before you go! You would love to contact me afterwards!

Our grad show is open to public from today (15/6) to Saturday (20/6).

Dates and time
15-16/6 - 10:00-18:00
17/6 - 10:00-17:00
18-19/6 - 10:00-18:00
20/6 (open day) - 09:00-16:00
Birmingham City University Parkside Building, Cardigan Street, West Midlands, B4 7BD

Only few days left! Come to visit us and get inspired by our creative minds!!
Hope to see you there! Cheers x



Michael Butler's Master Class

At the school mid-term in 2015, I was invited to share skills and experience at Michael Butler's Master Class, which was held at the The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, students can have a deeper understanding about appreciating and creating art pieces.

I was assisting Michael for teaching and guiding students to complete a drawing task. I was so pleased to have some students came to me and said they loved my design and illustration, and asked me about my design journey. 

At the end of the day, I had an interviewed with the team. It was a bit weird for me to see myself speaking Cantonese at the interview for this short film, but anyway, I had a really great time there! 

See video here